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Apr 25 2012

A Slave Milked

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Les is a new sex slave who starts his session by being late. “I wonder how long it will take me to beat this lesson into you” Penny hisses at being so disrespected. Les begs forgiveness and takes his punishment well before he has his oral skills tested. Penny likes to cum quickly and gives her new worm boy instructions on how to please her with his mouth. Once satisfied, Penny wears a big strapon cock and places Les in very strict bondage, perfect for sodomy! Expertly fucking his ass, she smiles as he cringes. She plans to make him work very hard to earn a nice hard cock milking. When Les almost cums, the strapon is ripped out of his ass and he is spanked. Tied down to the ground, Les’s face is smothered. Penny uses his rock hard dick for her own pleasure before draining it of it’s cum. Les apologizes for the pathetic amount of jiz and Penny replies “It’s definitely a slaves load, certainly not a mans” and walks out!

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Apr 18 2012

Double Trouble

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Can lefty really satisfy the cruel and sexual urges of 2 demanding Mistresses? The chances are no, but as a good sex slave should, he is willing to try! Audrey and Madison determine a series of tests. Madison is horny but must first be sure lefty can make her cum. He is gagged with a dildo and ordered to please Audrey. Madison whips his back as he thrusts into Audrey’s wet pussy. Next, lefty is bent over like a bitch and sodomized. Audrey fucks his ass while Madison orders him to suck on a cock shaped dildo. Completely humiliated, lefty is then ordered to clean Audrey’s feet with his mouth. Impressed by his still hard cock, Madison uses lefty’s body as a sex toy, fucking his cock and cumming all over him. After begging to cum, lefty is milked and then abandoned… after all, the Mistresses are now done with him!

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Apr 11 2012

Painful Milking

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David really is in over his head when it comes to satisfying DragonLily’s sadistic mind. She demands a hard cock at all times, regardless of the pain she may be inflicting or the fact she does not permit David to look at her. DL crops his pathetic bound dick and flogs his thighs. his ass is whipped and his cock is teased with DL’s hand. She begins to milk him but refuses to permit him to cum before she is pleasured. David obediently worships DL’s feet while she masturbates. his cock is painfully clothespinned to remind him that this dick is not his, but hers, and she will do with it what she pleases! In a simple crab tie, DL takes David’s virgin ass with her big black strapon. he screams like a bitch and begs for mercy but DL is a sadist, and she will stretch this hole until she is good and ready to stop!

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Apr 04 2012

Bitch Boy’s Urges

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Harmony does not appreciate a dirty french cock interrupting her bathroom break. She wastes no time in yanking it through the glory hole and tying it down. Frenchy agrees to do “anything” to have her mouth on his dick so Harmony spanks his ass red and grinds her teeth on his shaft. She masturbates while pulling on the cbt string, taunting Frenchy with harsh verbal humiliation. Later, he is tied to a chair and ordered to keep his worthless cock hard. Harmony rides him mercilessly, not permitting him to cum. In the end, he is tied down and spread out like a bitch. Harmony smothers Frenchy’s face and fucks his ass with her strapon. his cock is milked while he is pounded and his cum is fed to him before Harmony leaves to find a real man!

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