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Feb 29 2012

Craving To Get Laid

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When Miss Capri brings a date back to her lair he has no idea the kind of sex she wants to have. Desperate to get laid, dick says he is fine with some kinky BDSM play and Sydnee takes charge. he is tied to a chair and undressed, Sydnee verbally humiliates him for his small feet and cock. his socks are stuffed in his mouth and he is whipped with his belt. She expertly teases dick with her body and mouth, grinding her teeth painfully on the shaft of his cock. Later, Sydnee plants her large chocolate ass on dick’s face. He is completely smothered by her face sitting and begs for mercy. She rides his cock for her pleasure, cumming hard while dick cannot move. Will she permit him to cum too? In the end she sodomizes her new bitch. his cock and balls are bound and he is ball-gagged while Sydnee thrusts deep into his ass.

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Feb 22 2012

Body Teasing

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Sativa knows she is beautiful, and that she can keep men bound for hours waiting for her to pay them any attention. lefty is tightly strapado’ed with his cock and balls bound but he will not complain about his predicament, as long as Sativa is there flogging him and teasing him with her body. his hard cock proves that he likes being used as a toy for a dominant woman’s amusement. Sativa ties him to the wall and pushes her ass against his face, smothering him as she masturbates and cums, all the while humiliating lefty with her words. Later, she roughly strokes his cock, ordering him to cum on command. Once milked, he is bent over like a bitch and fucked in the ass with Sativa’s ample strapon cock.

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Feb 15 2012

Sandra Romain’s Turn

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Now that Harmony is done with little billy, it is Sandra Romain’s turn to evaluate and discipline this self confessed sex addict. Tied to a cold metal chair in the Asylum, billy is interviewed while ball-gagged. His answers are not satisfactory and the punishment begins. Nipple clamps, flogging and face slapping have little effect on billy’s attitude so Sandra hogties him and uses his face for her pleasure. First he worships her feet, then her ass and when she’s ready her wet pussy smothers him. His ass is spanked until red and he is tied standing. Ordered to fuck Sandra hard, billy is unable to meet her high expectations. he pulls out, panting from being tired and is punished by having his own ass fucked! In the end, billy begs to cum and Sandra roughly milks his cock. She is done with him now, just as Harmony was. In part 3, billy will meet Sydnee Capri as he tries to escape the kinky hospital of female domination!

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Feb 08 2012

The Human Ashtray

Posted by

When in Mz. Berlin’s lair all men are wormboys and must submit to her every whim. In the beginning this means being a human ashtray. She enjoys the way a male squirms and weeps when his chest and cock is covered in clothespins, and the way he looks longingly at her huge tits. johnny is in over his head. The rope bondage is tighter than he has ever experienced and the domination is too intense. In a strapado with his balls tied down to the ground he cannot move. his legs begin to shake as Mz. Berlin canes and flogs his ass. Weights hang from his nipples and he begs for mercy. On his back, with his legs spread like a little bitch he is violated. his ass takes Mz. Berlin’s large strapon cock with ease. he is slapped and spat on while fucked. his cock has no value to a high-sexed Domina like Mz. Berlin and she leaves him to look for a new male sex slave.

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Feb 01 2012

The New Male Sub Audition

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When a new male submissive wants to audition to become Mistress Harmony’s sex slave she knows she will be entertained. In strict Japanese bondage with his cock and balls bound tightly, Tao is degraded, flogged, caned, spat on and told he is a worthless piece of shit. he takes all of the punishment and makes it to the next test, can he sexually please such a high energy, demanding woman? he is ordered to lick pussy. he fails miserably and instead must taste Harmony’s ass. She grabs his restrained cock and pushes it deep inside her. his cum is trapped in the cbt bondage and she orders him to fuck her hard and fast. On his back, a black strapon cock is shoved into Tao’s ass. Harmony fucks rougher than any man could, slapping Tao as she thrusts. he is given some deep throat training at the end of Harmony’s cock. he has failed as a sex slave and now must suffer the consequences.

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