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Jan 25 2012

The Intruder

Posted by

DragonLily likes to masturbate in her basement but when she catches a hooded intruder trying to jerk off over her she switches into fierce Dominatrix mode. Thrown on to the bed, she pulls the clothes from the body of this wormboy and ties his cock and balls tightly to the frame. he is flogged, spanked and shocked with the cattle prod. his smart ass mouth gets him into more trouble as he swears with every hit. DragonLily ties him on his knees and hangs weights from his nipples. She milks his cock roughly, claiming his dick and balls as her property to do with as she pleases. Ball-gagged and crab-tied, bitch boy awaits being fucked in the ass and DL shows no mercy with her large strapon cock. his cock is milked again while his ass is rammed, making DragonLily one very happy Mistress. After a brief cock sucking lesson, DL’s new sex slave is left, tied up and covered in his own cum.

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Jan 18 2012

Miss Star’s Student

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Dax has been kept after class and has no idea why! When Miss Star begins flirting with him he tries to touch her breasts and the games begin. he is pulled from his chair and ordered to strip. His hands are tied up in strapado and Xana takes great pleasure in causing her new sub pain. He is flogged repeatedly and humiliated with Miss Star’s words. Tied to the teachers desk, Dax dare not move. His balls are attached to a string with heavy weights. Xana sits on his face and pulls on his balls. he breathes, tastes and consumes ass, begging for mercy. Xana rides his cock hard until she cums and when Dax pleads with her to also be permitted to cum, they make a deal. She will milk him but he will then eat it. As one act of final humiliation Xana takes Dax’s ass, spanks it until red and then fucks it with her strapon cock.

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Jan 11 2012

Satisfying Her Sadistic Mind

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Sandra Romain requires a tough submissive that can take her hard hits, harsh words and even harder bondage. She needs a male sex slave that can satisfy both her sadistic mind and her hungry cunt. Shackled in a cold hallway, Daac waits patiently. he does not receive a warm-up as Sandra ruthlessly flogs his chest and slaps his face. She pushes her knees into his chest, and orders him to lick her boots. In rope bondage, Daac’s balls are tied back to his ankles and he is ordered to get hard. Sandra uses him like a fuckdoll, yelling instructions at him on how to fuck. When Daac cums without Sandra’s permission she gets her big strapon cock and teaches him a lesson in manners. He is made into a cock sucker and then gagged while his asshole is fucked rough and deep. His cock is completely bound, making sure he will never cum again with asking first!

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Jan 04 2012

Fierce Strapon Fucking

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When Billy goes for a groin check up and expects a “happy ending” he is given just that… Harmony style! With his hands tied and a gag shoved in his mouth he is flogged repeatedly. His worthless cock is bound and slapped. Harmony teases Billy with her mouth before restraining him to the floor and sitting on his face. Her ass smothers him while he tries to beg for relief. Using billy as a fuckdoll, Harmony rides him. Deciding his cock is of no use she goes back to his face, ordering Billy to lick her asshole. On the medical table, Billy is fucked like the little bitch he is. Harmony likes to give it hard, showing no mercy as she pounds away! Billy’s final lesson is cock sucking and he fails miserably. Harmony punishes him more with her flogger before prescribing billy further treatment with Doctor Romain for a part 2!

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