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Dec 28 2011

A Bored and Horny Bitch

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Penny Flame only visits her basement when she is either bored or horny. Today she is both, which means Kade will not only have to entertain her, he will also need to satisfy her sexual hunger! In an incredibly tight strapado with his balls pulled back to his arms and a huge gag stuffed in his mouth Kade waits for Penny to enter. She flicks at his flaccid cock, telling him he is no use to her without a nice hard-on. Kade’s chest and ass is flogged before he is taken to the bed and tied down to it by his balls. Penny rides his cock, using him for her pleasure before milking him and feeding him his cum. On all 4’s, Kade suffers through heavy weights hanging from his balls. His ass is fucked by Penny’s strapon cock, using only his saliva for lube. Penny craves one more orgasm so she orders Kade to worship her feet while she masturbates. Kade can smell her cum, but he has not earned tasting it.

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Dec 21 2011

The Failing Student

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TJ West is failing. he has been wasting time in class reading comics and is need of strict discipline to get back on track! DragonLily places a hood over his head and spanks his ass, warning him later on he will bent over her desk like a little bitch to be fucked in the ass! Flogging, nipple clamps and foot worship begin TJ’s training. Later, tied in a standing position his cock is slapped and paddled. TJ’s cock is a painslut and instantly gets hard. DL milks him and then viciously slaps his sensitive shaft. Weights are hung from his balls and her stiletto heel is pushed into his dick. In the end, DragonLily keeps her promise. tj is sodomized and then given some cock-sucking training when he does not thank DL fast enough for this experience!

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Dec 14 2011

Strong Humiliation

Posted by

TJ Cummings is known mostly as a very dominant male performer in the adult industry, so when he asked if he could be submissive to Sandra Romain so that he could experience what it’s like to lose all control we immediately said yes and set it up. Sandra uses her skills as an exotic seductress to gain TJ’s trust and then lets loose with hard flogging and lots of violet wand shocking on his tied up cock!!! Tied spreadeagle on the bed she places her knees on his chest while sucking and slapping at his dick, demanding a hard-on to use for her pleasure. Swapping between riding his face and his cock Sandra makes herself cum several times. In doggy position, the humiliation is written all over TJ’s face. His virgin ass is fucked as tears well up in his eyes. Lastly, TJ is suspended and ordered to clean off Sandra’s cock with his mouth in the most sexual bondage 69 we have ever seen.

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Dec 07 2011

DragonLily Wants A Hard Cock

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DragonLily wants a hard cock ready for her at all times. She desires the perfect man; one that can please her in all ways from accepting the pain she inflicts, to being able to please her sexually. dick is in training. his balls are covered in clothespins and his face is slapped. DragonLily understands men are visual creatures so she takes his sight away from him, ordering him to use his imagination to get hard. In a spreadeagle tie DragonLily uses dick’s body as she pleases. She begins with trampling and smothering before shoving a dildo gag into his mouth. She rides it only inches from his face and cums where he can smell her. She milks his hard cock before giving him one final lesson. Tied in doggy position like bitch dick is fucked in the ass with DragonLily’s hard cock… after-all, her cock never goes soft.

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