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Nov 30 2011

Oscar Beyer’s Evaluation

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Officer Harmony must evaluate Oscar Beyer and make a decision regarding his future in the military. Oscar claims he is a sex addict but Harmony is not convinced, taunting him with questions like “How can someone with a pathetic little dick ever get pussy?” She begins with an interrogation. Oscar is flogged, slapped and electro-shocked on his nipples. Later, he is taken for medical tests. Harmony works his cock over like it is a piece of meat taking turns from riding his face to his dick and back again. When Oscar can only cum once she decides he is worthless and binds his cock and balls extremely tight. In strict Japanese bondage he is helpless to the ass fucking he is about to receive and takes every inch of Harmony’s big black cock like the dirty whore he clearly is.

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Nov 23 2011

First he Must Earn Her Pussy

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Lefty is back to submit the beautiful, sexy and cruel Mistress Shy Love. Today, Shy is feeling horny. She wants a slave that can please her sexually but first he must earn her pussy. Tied in a very strict position where only his balls are pulling him up, lefty moans in pain from the predicament he is in. If he relaxes he will pull harder on his balls. Shy enters and promptly sits on his face. She requires a slave that perform under pressure! Later, while gagged, lefty is repeatedly flogged on his ass and chest. His cock is hard and ready to please his Mistress so she pushes it deep into her pussy and orders lefty to fuck her hard. Of course she cums first and as a show of mercy she milks his cock. As one final act of humiliation lefty has his balls clothespinned and his ass fucked!

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Nov 16 2011

Sex Miss Capri’s Way

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Miss Capri has a very good reason for keeping Daniel after class. She has seen the way he looks at her, the way he drools over her big ass and luscious lips… hoping that one day he will be able to do more than look! That day has arrived but the sex is going to be performed Miss Capri’s way. Ordered to lick her shoes as his balls are tightly tied, Daniel quickly realizes he is not in charge. Ball-gagged, he is flogged on his back and chest before having his cock wired to the TENS unit so Miss Capri can shock it into an erection! Once hard, Daniel is hooded. He cannot see Miss Capri as she slides onto his cock ordering him to fuck her harder. He is permitted to cum but must then lick up every drop! Detention ends with Daniel getting fucked in the ass… the best possible lesson any dominant female teacher could give!

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Nov 09 2011

She Strikes Lust And Fear

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Miss Brooke’s style of domination is to show utter disdain for whomever she is playing with. She works with a quiet confidence sure to strike lust and fear into any male slave. Wildbill has been bound in the basement for 3 days as punishment for their last session…in which he was unable to make Miss Brooke cum. She figures his balls would now be blue enough that he could show some real enthusiasm. Miss Brooke fills Wildbill’s mouth with a dildo gag and gives him instruction on how to please a woman with a cock. Once satisfied, she takes his hard cock and pushes it deep inside her. She has no interest in his pleasure, but after her orgasm she does allow Wildbill to cum. Miss Brooke still feels he has a lot to learn, and the only lesson remaining is for her to fuck him in the ass with a huge strapon cock.

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Nov 02 2011

The Glory Hole

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Bobbi Starr is in a hurry and uses the mens restroom. Sneakily, wolf listens to her pee and then discovers a glory hole! Putting his cock through he says “I know what you want” and the game begins. Bobbi grabs his cock and pulls it so hard he slams into the wall. Screaming “So, you want to fuck me?” Bobbi pulls out some twine and binds his balls to the ground. Ordering wolf to strip, she renders him helpless but his cock is still hard… and he still wants to fuck, so Bobbi decides they will fuck… her way! She masturbates while electro-shocking his shaft and later, while wolf is tied on the ground she rides him, zapping his chest with an antique violet wand. In the end Bobbi decides to show wolf how to fuck, bending him over and using her large strapon cock on his tight asshole. Turns out wolf is a little bitch that loves every second of Bobbi’s kinky sex!

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