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Aug 31 2011

Manhood Unsatisfying

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The fabulous Mz. Berlin uses Frenchy as her sex slave. She teaches him how to fuck in doggy, she rides his cock while he is tied down to the bed and when she finds his manhood unsatisfying she straps a dildo to his face and orders him to thrust it deep into her dominant and demanding cunt. Mz. Berlin begins to fuck Frenchy’s ass lightly but when he cums without permission she shows no mercy and rams his tight hole while grabbing his increasingly sensitive cock-head.

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Aug 24 2011

Ruthless Sativa

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Sative Rose is back and sexy and cruel as ever. Sativa dominates through her sex appeal. She makes the wormboys lust for her, she teases them with her body and mouth before slapping them back to reality with her hand or by ruthlessly ripping clothespins from their genitals. She teaches them how to please her sexually and then demonstrates good sex with her strapon cock in their ass. By the end of the session chad is desperate to cum, the question is will Sativa allow such release or will he have been teased and denied?

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Aug 17 2011

Harsh Caning

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Dominant and serious as ever, Amber Rayne takes Daac places he may have never dreamed. Harsh caning, humiliating tease and denial, and tight bondage reduce Daac to nothing more than a man-whore piece of sex-slave meat to be used for Amber’s insatiable appetite for sex and inflicting pain.

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Aug 10 2011

Pleasure Denied

Posted by

Mistress Penny Flame is at her most sexual in this FemDom scene with the ever obedient kade. She shows he slave how much she loves him by tormenting his body through pain and the tease and denial of pleasure. After kade satisfies Penny with his ability to take punishment he must make her cum. Then he is milked and fed his ejaculate before being suspended and fucked in the ass by Mistress Penny’s strapon cock!

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Aug 09 2011

Brutal Lesson

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Rico makes the mistake of calling Mz Berlin a bitch. What follows is a brutal lesson in respect and obedience involving the cattle prod, the cat-o-nine tails whip, a huge strapon cock, and the cane. In between these furious moments of inflicting pain, Mz Berlin uses Rico’s body for her own enjoyment; riding his cock while electro-shocking him and milking him at her will.

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