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Mar 30 2011

Tardiness Punished

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Rico arrives 41 minutes late for his session with Russian Goddess Nika and Polish Princess Dia. Furious, these two beautiful, latex-clad Domina’s waste no time in administering harsh spanking, flogging, face slapping, clothespins on his cock and tight rope bondage. Berated and slapped down, Rico is ordered to get his dick hard and keep both Women satisfied. his face and dick are used for their sexual pleasure only, and once he is finally milked of his cum it is fed to him in a humiliating scene. In doggy position, both of his holes are filled with large purple strapon cocks. he tries to scream like a bitch but the dildo in his throat prevents it and he suffers his fate of becoming a stretched hole bondage bitch for Powerful Women everywhere.

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Mar 23 2011

The Patient

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Ryan is unable to pay his medical bill at Dr. Harmony‘s private practice so she’s going to make him work off his debt. Tied up and stripped, Ryan is flogged and has weights hung from his balls. he must swing them back and forth while Harmony masturbated. Later, he is ball gagged and flogged while Harmony teases his pathetic cock. To show him what a real dick can do, Harmony fucks his ass hard with a big black strapon. She also teaches him how to lick ass while smothering his face with her round derriere!

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Mar 21 2011

After The Long Break

Posted by

DragonLily returns after a long break full of FemDom fury and ready to use her bitchboy to the fullest. In tight rope bondage and a harness ball gag kade does his best to satisfy DL’s demands. She orders him to crawl around while bound, worship her feet and keep a nice hard cock. Bent over, she uses a stun gun on kade’s ass to make him clench around the strapon cock she has buried deep inside him. Once fully sodomized, DL makes sure he cleans the dildo with his mouth. Such a filthy act makes this Mistress horny and she gags kade with a dildo and masturbates while he fucks her pussy. DL counts down from 10, but kade climaxes prematurely at 2. For this lack of personal control his inner thighs are caned and he is left on the cold floor, tied up and with a mouthful of his own cum.

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Mar 14 2011

Pain Comes In A Small Package

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Amber proves to rico that just because she’s petite doesn’t mean she’s easy when it comes to inflicting pain! She begins with painful cock slapping and ordering her gagged sub to crawl around. Once his dick is hard, Amber uses it for her own pleasure, berating her sub more and more as she approaches orgasm. Suspended, rico is strapon fucked and spanked before Amber puts Twisted Factory‘s biggest buttplug in his ass. On his back, rico must satisfy this sex addicted Domina with his mouth. he is given a lesson is pussy licking and ass worship before she milks every last drop of cum from his worthless cock.

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Mar 07 2011

Evil Plans

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Berlin has some evil plans for her favorite bitch-boy chad. he is cable tied to a chair and covered in electro-pads. Berlin mercilessly shocks his arms, making him move involuntarily. After squeezing some lemons she paints the inside of his mouth with the sour juice. In doggy position, chad is spanked and has an electric buttplug inserted. Berlin orders him to fuck her, reminding him she can shock his ass at any time if she isn’t satisfied. Bent over, Berlin expertly sodomizes her slave, berating him for his rock hard cock. Finally, chad is milked and then ordered to lick up his mess from the floor, with some encouragement from the cat-o-nine tails and cattle prod.

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Mar 01 2011

Seductive Interrogation

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Penny Flame seductively interrogates spy wolf hudson to find out who has sent him to watch her. She moves like a snake as she teases his entire body with hers, unleashing moments of rage while being completely sexual. Penny expertly uses wolf’s body to give her pleasure and to drive him crazy with lust. Once used and milked, wolf is crab-tied and sodomized. With a big black cock in his ass he gives up the information Penny needs and becomes a complete bitch boy to her for eternity.

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